Solds - What can I search and Why?

  1. Search 10 years of sold properties in the HGMLS over 90,000 homes!
  2. Search by address, date sold (ranges), property type, get condo and coops with the unit #'s (coops are not real property and are not public information, but you can get it here!)
  3. Search by a radius of area ex. .25 .50 .75 miles from a certain sold address ( great if you are making an offer!)
  4. You can get all the solds on a street, just type in the street without the house #, you get everything on that street!

My Account


To access the sold properties, you need to sign in to your account or create a new account (if you don't remember your password, use the "Reset Password" option). Why? The Hudson Gateway Multiple Listing Service requires this to search HGMLS listings that have been sold. You do not need have an account to search active listings. The HGMLS sold information is private and is not available freely to the general public. Since you will only be searching sold listings, you and CS Realty Relocation will have no agency relationship. Should you decide to search active listings and request our services, an agency disclosure will apply.